The Page Info control is used to display auxiliary information on report pages, such as date, time, page numbers or user name.

To add a new Page Info control to a report, drag the Page Info item from the Toolbox and drop it onto the required report band.

Use the Page Information property to define the kind of information the control displays: page numbers, system date-time, or user name.

For examples of different uses of this control, see the corresponding tutorials:

  • Add Page Numbers
  • Display the User Name in a Report
  • Display the Current Date and Time in a Report

In addition, a format string can be applied to a control’s contents. For example, you can change the control’s format to Page {0} of {1} using the Text Format String property

When a report contains at least one group, you can specify individual page numbers for report groups by setting the Running Band property to the name of the required group.

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Last modified: Aug 23, 2019


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