Advanced Field Properties allow Nathean Analytics developers to define how the data returned by a Dataset will display in Analyser, Visualiser and the Report Designer.

On the General Properties tab, four attributes are available to change:

  • Cell Type – Can be Data, Icon, Calculated, or HTML (Compare Bar & Progress Bar are deprecated functionality)
  1. Data – This is the default option and represents a field of data.
  2. Icon – Used to replace the value in a field with an icon from the Icons module of Logix. To use this, the query must return a field that contains the Icon Ids of the icons we wish to display. (The field must have a datatype of String)
  3. HTMLHTML allows the developer to have the query return a string of HTML which will be returned within the data grids in the Dashboards module. This can be used to provide drilldown between dashboards or to third party applications, to create JavaScript based progress bars etc.
  4. Calculated – Indicates that the field has been created by the Calculated Field
  • Alignment – Whether data presented in the field should be aligned to the Left, Right or Centre of the field.
  • Display Mask – Allows a format to be provided which numeric or date fields should follow when displaying their data. See Display Mask Formats
  • Field Alias – An alias for the field which can be used when querying the dataset with LINQ.

The Dataset Field tab allows editing of the following properties:

  • Display Width - The default display width of the field (in pixels).
  • Sort Order – The default sort order of the field.
  • Sort Order Field – Allows another field from the same dataset to be used for sorting e.g. using a field called month_order to sort a field called month where month_order is a numeric value to get months to sort as “Jan, Feb, Mar” rather than Feb, Jan, Mar.
  • Hint Text – A description of the field which will appear when a user hovers over the column header in Nathean Analytics Desktop tool.
  • Visible – Whether the field is shown in the data grid when a user creates a new view or not
  • Currency Flag – Formats a numeric field to be the local currency using the regional settings of the server.
  • Hidden – Hides the field from users.
  • Calculation Active – Allows Calculated Fields to be switched on or off.
  • Primary Key – Identifies the primary key of a Dataset to be used when updating a Data Mart table with a Nathean Analytics Spreadsheet

The Filters tab is used to adjust the controls used for Filters applied to numeric fields (Fields with a numeric data type which have been identified as a Filter fields)

  • Range From - The lower end of the range to display.
  • Range To – The upper end of the range to display.
  • Single – Only allow a single number to be chosen.
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Last modified: Jun 22, 2020


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