To display a data field’s value in your report, drag the corresponding item from the Field List and drop it onto the report’s detail band. This creates a new report control bound to the corresponding field from your Dataset View
You can also use the Toolbox to add other controls to your report and display content such as text, images, charts, barcodes, and so on.

This document describes how to add the most commonly used controls to a report. See Report Elements for a complete list of available controls.

Display Text

Use the following controls to display text in a report:

  • Label
    Displays plain text in a report.
  • Rich Text
    Displays rich text in a report. You can apply different font settings to the control’s content and load content from an external HTML file.
  • Table
    Contains any number of cells arranged in one or more rows. Each table cell can display plain text or contain other controls.
  • Character Comb
    Displays each character in a separate cell and can be used to create printed forms.

Double-click any of these controls to invoke an in-place editor where you can enter text.

Press CTRL+Enter to submit changes and close this mode.

You can use corresponding properties of the Appearance category to access the selected control’s font and alignment settings.

Labels and other text-oriented controls can display the following content:

  • Static content
    A control’s content does not change once it is specified in a published document.
  • Dynamic content
    A connected Dataset View supplies this content. In a published document, it changes according to the printed dataset record.

    You can use the Format String Editor to format dynamic content.
  • Mixed content
    You can combine labels’ and other text-oriented controls’ static and dynamic content within the same control.
    Use the Text Format String …Format String Editor control in the Actions category to format the label’s property.

For example in the below Format String Editor, the text Order Date: is combined with the ORDER_DATE field (represented as 0:), including the desired date format dd/MM/yyyy.
Simply type it into the box in the format shown below and click on the Add button:

Display Page Information

Use the Page Info control to display information about document pages, such as the current page number and/or total number of pages.

You can also use this control to add information about a report’s author and the document’s creation date.
See the following tutorials for detailed instructions:

  • Add Page Numbers
  • Display the User Name in a Report
  • Display the Current Date and Time in a Report

Display Check Boxes, Images and Bar Codes

Drop a Boolean data field from the Field List onto a report to create a Check Box control bound to that field.

Check boxes can display different states depending on the underlying data values

Use the Picture Box control to display images in a report. You can load an image from an external file, from a bound data source, or from a web location using the specified URL.

To display bar codes, use the Bar Code control.

Drawing Lines and Shapes

Use the Shape control to draw simple graphics in a report (circles, crosses or arrows).

The Line control enables you to draw straight or slanted lines in a single band.

The Cross-Band Line and Box controls enable you to draw lines and boxes spanning multiple report bands.

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