This document describes how to add a chart to a report, provide data for the chart series, and set up a chart’s elements. In this example, series data has a single data source. You can also use different data sources for different series.

Add a Chart to a Report

  1. Drop the Chart control from the Toolbox onto the Detail band.
  2. Click Run Designer… to invoke the Chart Designer.
  3. Specify the Data Source and Data Member properties to bind the chart to data.

Add Series to the Chart

  1. Locate the Series element in the chart elements tree and click the plus button. Select the type (for example, Bar) in the invoked series type list.
  2. Specify the Argument Data Member and Value properties to populate the created series with points.
  3. Expand the Data Filters category and click the plus button to add a new data filter. Adjust the filter criteria in the Misc node.
  4. Create another series with the same settings. For instance, select the Point view type for this series.
  5. You can do the following to see how the chart looks when it is populated with data:
  • save changes made in the Chart Designer;
  • close the Chart Designer;
  • switch to Print Preview.
  • Return to the Report Designer and invoke the Chart Designer. The chart axes are now populated with actual data, and you can customize the chart.

Customize the Chart

Apply the following adjustments to improve the chart’s appearance:

  • Remove the chart’s legend (the chart series are bound to the same data).
    • Select Legend in the chart elements tree.
    • Disable the Visibility check box in the Options tab.
  • Select the Label node under this series and disable the Visibility check box to hide Series1’s point labels.
  • Customize the Series2 markers’ appearance. Set the View.Point Marker Options.Kind property to InvertedTriangle and View.Point Marker Options.Size to 12 to replace the default circle with an upside down triangle.
  • Customize the chart’s appearance settings. For instance, select Nature Colors in the Palette’s drop-down list.

View the Result

Switch to Print Preview to see the resulting report.

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Last modified: Aug 23, 2019


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